What is an Arepa?


An arepa is a type of traditional corn flatbread or pancake that has been eaten by the Colombian people for centuries and is considered the cultural symbol of Colombia.  According to a study produced by the Colombian Board of Gastronomy, the arepa is part of the Colombian heritage and can be considered a symbol of national gastronomic unity.  It dates back over 3,000 years in the area that is now known as both Venezuela and Colombia. The arepa has remained unchanged from the pre-Colombian natives that would have consumed it, making the arepa one of the few traditions that have remained popular since colonization.  In modern times, an arepa has remained a staple in the Colombian diet and is enjoyed by all socio-economic backgrounds and levels.




Our mission is to keep the traditional style with the original ingredients and methods of the original arepa, empanadas and cheese bread, using real corn (no maize meal or flour) and white Hispanic cheese to produce a high quality, great-tasting healthy product to be apart of people, their friends and their families for generations to come.


Our Story:


The Araypa Factory, located in Orchard Park, NY, just outside of Buffalo, is a homemade baker and manufacturer of key Latin food products such as arepas (pronounced a-ray-pa), empanadas, patelitos, and pandebono-cheese bread.  Our founder is a bilingual native of Colombia, where the arepa, pandebono, pastelitos, and empanadas are the staple foods among the Colombian population.  She is looking to bring these amazing, healthy products to the people of New York, southern Ontario and beyond.  The Araypa Factory will serve institutions, retail outlets, restaurants, cafes and any other channel for people to experience the great taste and experience of authentic Latin food.


We use the best quality standards, using modern and standardized production techniques with high-quality equipment to create and produce arepas that fulfill the needs of our consumers.